Who We Are

The Construction Industry Force Account Council (CIFAC) is a non-profit coalition of concerned construction industry associations, contractors and labor unions that works to ensure State and local governments’ compliance with the Public Contract Code (PCC)

What We Do

Our Regional Compliance Managers use their expertise to make sure that State and local governments comply with the PCC to promote job opportunities, fair bidding and transparency.

How To Help

If you see possible violations, report them to us and we will investigate for you.

Recent News

Eddie Bernacchi Politico Group

2016 End of Year Legislative Report

By Eddie Bernacchi, Politico Group Introduction The California Legislature wrapped up the 2016 legislative session on August 31st and sent a lastminute flurry of bills to the Governor’s office. Governor Brown spent his September reviewing the 1000 plus measures sent to him. When the dust settled, it was clear that our industry had an incredibly

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The Brown Act – Impacts Two Cities

By Patricia Rascon, Southwestern Regional Compliance Manager CIFAC Educates Two Cities on Agenda Posting Requirements (January 2017) What is transparency? Ballotpedia refers to it as, “Openness, accountability, and honesty define government transparency. In a free society, transparency is government’s obligation to share information with citizens. It is at the heart of how citizens hold their

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Lease Leaseback: This Foe May Be A New Friend

By Michelle Tucker, Central Regional Compliance Manager A new law brings fairness to “lease leaseback” contracting. For many compliance agents and contractors in California, the mere mention of a “lease leaseback” school construction project spurred verbal groans and eyeball rolls.

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Do California Fairs Follow Public Contract Code?

by Maghan Hunt, Northern Regional Compliance Manager California’s fairs can be difficult navigate. What are the force account limits? Do all the fairs have to follow the same rules? What’s the difference between a state owned fair and a county owned fair? Many of the answers are cut and dry, while some are in a

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Networking in the New Year

by Shari Bacon, Southeastern Regional Compliance Manager Networking plays a very important role in CIFAC’s coverage of Southern California. For most of 2016, I was overseeing twelve counties on my own. With such a vast territory to cover, it was impossible to be everywhere at once. My network is my eyes and ears in the

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Major California Projects

Hear From Our Team

"Should a public agency decide to split or separate into smaller work orders or projects, it would be considered unlawful."

Shari Bacon, CIFAC Southeastern Regional Compliance Manager

Shari Bacon

( Southeastern Regional Compliance Manager )

"We are a passionate, dedicated and loyal team devoted to the creation of much needed jobs for the construction industry."

Michelle Tucker, CIFAC Central Regional Compliance Manager

Michelle Tucker

( Central Regional Compliance Manager )

"This industry is full of hardworking men and women, give them a level playing field and they will accomplish the rest."

Patricia Rascon, CIFAC Southwestern Regional Compliance Manager

Patricia Rascon

( Southwestern Regional Compliance Manager )

“Being a watchdog for the public is a great responsibility, but something I take very seriously.”

Maghan Hunt, CIFAC Northern Regional Compliance Manager

Maghan Hunt

( Northern Regional Compliance Manager )

"All our Compliance Managers are delightful people, enthusiastic and talented, and together make a great team.”

Cathryn Hilliard, CIFAC Executive Director

Cathryn Hilliard

( Executive Director )

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