City Of Piedmont Charter Information

Sec. 2.159 Purchasing Excedding $10,000.00

Except as otherwise provided in this Article XV, purchases and contracts for supplies, services and equipment of a value greater than ten thousand ($10,000.00) dollars shall be by written contract with the lowest qualified responsible bidder, pursuant to the procedure prescribed in Sections 2.160 through 2.166 hereof.

(Ord. No. 433 N.S., 2/83) Administration 2-19 2/9/87

Sec. 2.160 Note Inviting Bids

Notices inviting bids shall include a general description of the articles or services to be purchased, shall state where bid blanks and specifications may be secured, and the time and place for opening bids. (a) Publication. Notice inviting bids shall be published at least ten working days before the date of opening of the bids. Notice shall be published at least once in a newspaper of general circulation in the City; (Ord. No. 482 N.S., 2/87)
(b) Prospective Bidders List. The purchasing officer shall also solicit sealed bids from responsible prospective suppliers and those who have requested their names to be added to a bidders list; and (Ord. No. 482 N.S., 2/87)
(c) Bulletin Board. The purchasing officer shall also advertise pending purchases by a notice posted on a public bulletin board in City Hall.

(Ord. No. 482, N.S., 2/87)

Sec. 2.161 Bidder’s Security

When deemed necessary by the purchasing officer, bidder’s security may be prescribed in the public notices inviting bids. Bidders shall be entitled to return of bid security, provided that the successful bidder shall forfeit his bid security upon refusal or failure to execute the contract within ten days after the notice of the award of contract has been mailed unless the City is responsible for the delay. The council may, on refusal or failure of the successful bidder to execute the contract, award it to the next lowest responsible bidder; the amount of the lowest bidder’s security shall be applied by the City to the difference between the low bid and the second lowest bid, and the surplus, if any, shall be returned to the lowest bidder.

(Ord. No. 482 N.S., 2/87)

Sec. 2.162 Bid Opening Procedure

Sealed bids shall be submitted to the purchasing officer and shall be identified as bids on the envelope. Bids shall be opened in public at the time and place stated in the public notices. A tabulation of all bids received shall be open for public inspection during regular business hours for a period of not less than thirty calendar days after the bid opening.

(Ord. No. 482 N.S., 2/87)

Sec. 2.163 Rejection of Bids

In its discretion, the Council may reject any and all bids presented and readvertise for bids. In addition, the Council may authorize negotiations with one or more bidders for purchase of Administration 2-20 2/9/87 services, supplies and equipment at a price lower than the original bid without making substantial changes in specifications. This provision shall apply to all purchases.

(Ord. No. 482 N.S., 2/87)

Sec. 2.164 Award of Contract

Contracts shall be awarded by the Council to the lowest qualified responding bidder except as

otherwise provided in this Article XV.

(Ord. No. 482 N.S., 2/87)