City Of Signal Hill Charter Information

Municipal Code

3.20.195 Expenditures for public projects

Notwithstanding any other provision of this code, purchases and contracts for supplies, services, and equipment required for a public project shall be contracted for and let to the lowest responsible bidder after notice pursuant to the procedures prescribed in this chapter if such expenditure is estimated to be greater than five thousand dollars. For purposes of this section, “public project” shall mean:

A) A project for the erection, improvement, painting or repair of public buildings and works.

B) Work in or about streams, bays, waterfronts, embankments, or other work for protection against overflow.

C) Street or sewer work except maintenance or repair.

D) Furnishing supplies or materials for any such project, including maintenance or repair of streets or sewers.

(Ord. 82-8-896 § 5)