Construction Industry Force Account Council

Promoting Transparency Through Public Agency Compliance

Charter Cities Northern CA

Charter CityCountyCharter SectionOrdinanceBidding ThresholdComments
AlamedaAlamedaSec. 3-15Feb-61$60,000Signatory to CUCCAA
AlbanyAlamedaSec. 4.0313 - 16$100,000Solicit three price quotes for projects over $30,000 but equal or less than $100,000
BerkeleyAlamedaArt XI Sec 677.18.010$200,000
ChicoButteArt. XI Sec. 1110Sec. 3.20.12$25,000
DinubaTulareSec. 5.05Sec. 2.40.010$75,000Adjusted annually for inflation
El CerritoContra CostaArt. IV Sec. 4014.04.060$60,000Follows CUCCAA bid thresholds
EmeryvilleAlamedaSec. 2017-9.01$60,000Signatory to CUCCAA
EurekaHumboldtArt. VII Sec. 710Sec. 39.38$60,000Formal bidding at >$200,000
ExeterTulareSec. 4.4Sec. 3.36.090$25,000Formal Bidding over $75,000
FolsomSacramentoArt. V Sec. 5.04Sec. 2.36.080$53,000Adjusted annually per CPI
FortunaHumboldtArt. IV Sec. 400Sec. 2.50.090None
FresnoFresnoSec. 1208Sec. 4-102$141,000Adjusted annually per CPI
GilroySanta ClaraSec. 1109Sec. 2.43$35,000Council may vote to do in-house
Grass ValleyNevadaArt. XIII Sec. 2(a)Sec. 3.08.080$60,000Follows CUCCAA bid thresholds
HaywardAlamedaSec. 13032-8.01$35,000Council sets by ordinance
King CityMontereyArt. IISec. 2.45.010$5,000
KingsburgFresnoSec. 5.04n/a$5,000Complies with contracting laws applicable to general law cities
LemooreKingsArt. BSec. 1-8B-3$60,000Signatory to CUCCAA
LindsayTulareSec. 8.11Sec. 3.04.090$25,000Formal Bidding over $75,000
MarinaMontereySec. 2.05Sec. 3.16.060$25,000
MarysvilleYubaArt. V Sec. 4Sec. 2.76.140$25,000Formal bidding at >$75,000
MercedMercedSec. 1109Sec. 3.04.220$76,875Adjusted annually per ECCI
ModestoStanislausArt. XIII Sec. 1307Sec. 8-3.203$50,000Set by ordinance
MontereyMontereySec. 4.8Sec. 28.5$150,000Adjusted every 5 years by 5K commencing 2020
Mountain ViewSanta ClaraSec. 1107Sec. 2.79$15,000Formal bidding $100,000
NapaNapaSec. 1012.91.090$60,000Follows CUCCAA bid thresholds
OaklandAlamedaSec. 8082.04.050$50,000PCC does not Apply
OrovilleButteArt. XXVIII Sec. 2Sec. 2.24.110$5,000Per PCC 20162
Pacific GroveMontereyArt. 40Sec. 2.16.220$40,000Adjusted every 5 years by 5K commencing 2020
Palo AltoSanta ClaraArt. VII Sec. 6Sec. 2.30.300$85,000If funded by bond or assessments
PetalumaSonomaArt. X Sec.684.04.080$15,000Adjusted by CPI with Council action
PiedmontAlamedaSec. 4.112.16$75,000PCC Provisions Apply
PortervilleTulareSec. 61n/a$5,000PCC Provisions Apply
Redwood CitySan MateoSec. 49a, 67, 682.65$100,000
RichmondContra CostaArt. II Sec. 12.52.310$50,000All Street works are exempt
RosevillePlacerArt. VII Sec. 7.21Sec. 4.12.095$75,000Charter Review 4/20
SacramentoSacramentoArt. XIV Sec. 201Sec. 3.60.110$100,000Set by ordinance
SalinasMontereySec. 81Sec. 12-21$100,000Adjusted by CPI
San FranciscoSan FranciscoSec. 3.105Chapter 6 Sec 6.1$600,000Adjusted by CPI, every 5 years, commencing in 2020
San JoseSanta ClaraSec. 1217Sec. 14.04.170$650,000Adjusted for inflation every July 1st
San LeandroAlamedaArt. V Sec. 5401-5-200$5,000By ordinance
San MateoSan MateoArt. V Sec.$100,000
San RafaelMarinArt. XIII Sec$30,000
San RamonContra CostaArt. IVA7-6$500,000
Sand CityMontereySec. 2Sec. 12.18.060$40,000Automatically increased by 5K 7/1/2024 and by the same amount every fifth year thereafter
Santa ClaraSanta ClaraSec. 1310n/a$1,000Council may waive bidding by 4/5 vote
Santa CruzSanta Cruz1415Sec. 3.08.080$100,000
Santa RosaSonomaSec. 443-44.070$10,000Can mirror state contract act if they choose
StocktonSan JoaquinArt. XX Sec. 2000Sec. 3.68.040$75,000Reviewed annually and adjusted per inflation
SunnyvaleSanta ClaraArt. XIII Sec. 1309Sec. 2.09.070$250,000
TruckeeNevadaArt. 2 Sec. 200Sec. 3.12.130$15,000Set by Purchasing Rules and Regulations
TulareTulareSec. 46n/a$25,000$2,501-$25,000 (3) Informal Quotes
VallejoSolanoSec. 7173.20.080$100,000Set by ordinance
VisaliaTulareArt. VI Sec. 10n/a$5,000Formal Bidding over $25,000
WatsonvilleSanta CruzSec. 111114$60,000Signatory to CUCCAA
WoodlakeTulareSec. 4.4Sec. 2.36.080$75,000Solicit three quotes for projects $24, 001-$74,999

Updated – 10/13/2021