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CIFAC Sponsored Assembly Bill 2987 Increases Transparency

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CIFAC is the leading authority on the proper use of force account on public construction projects. By force account, I am referring to the Public Contract Code’s definition that describes an agency’s use of their own personnel to perform construction work. You may be surprised to know that many agencies use their internal workforces to perform maintenance, repairs and yes, even new construction work. The Public Contract Code limits the amount of work an agency may self-perform depending on their classification. Construction work in excess of that amount must be bid and performed by contract.

For the past 40 years, CIFAC has monitored and investigated agencies use of force account. Although force account violations remain our core focus, our mission includes defending all levels of fair and equitable bidding.

When we think of the word fair, transparency often comes to mind. Transparency is a crucial component in the bidding process, especially during the advertising phase of a project. In an effort to broaden transparency, CIFAC has sponsored Assembly Bill (AB) 2987.

AB 2987 would modernize the California Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act (CUPCCAA) by authorizing agencies, signatory to the Act, to notice bidding opportunities on their agency website in lieu of noticing in a print newspaper. The measure does not remove or change the additional requirement that Regional and National trade publications be notified. Subject agencies must also adhere to uniform bidding procedures that provide transparency and fairness.

CIFAC believes this advertising modernization will benefit our partners by ensuring advertisements are easily accessible and posted in a timely manner. The new law also provides an additional incentive for agencies to opt-in to the Act, expanding the overall transparency and oversight of the CUPCCAA.

For a full version of the bill text, please click on the link below.

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