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Sec. 1009. Contracts on Public Works.

When the City contracts for the construction, reconstruction, improvement or repair (excluding routine maintenance) of public buildings, streets, drains, sewers, utilities, parks, playgrounds and similar public facilities (each a “Public Work” and collectively, “Public Works”), the furnishing of labor, supplies, materials, equipment or other contractual services for same shall be done by written contract approved as to form and legality by the City Attorney.

The City Council shall, by ordinance, adopt specific policies and procedures for the award of Public Works contracts. This ordinance must contain provision for the following:

a. City Council reservation of authority to approve what it defines as “major” contracts or “special” contracts, based on factors such as contract cost, value or other relevant factors;

b. Competitive bid processes for all contracts, with formal advertisement for bids and sealed bids required for all “major” contracts;

c. The award of contracts to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder;

d. The ability to reject any and all bids, to re-advertise for bids, or to waive minor defects in any bid, where determined by the designated contract-approving authority that such action is necessary or appropriate for the benefit of the public;

e. Emergency authority to waive the applicable competitive bid process requirements if the City Manager determines that the work required is of urgent necessity for the preservation of life, health or property; and

f. Such other provisions consistent with this section as may be necessary or appropriate to implement a Public Works procurement process that is consistent with best practices. The ordinance may also provide for one or more exceptions to the approval and competitive bid processes described in a. through c., above, provided that any such exception is implemented as part of a City-wide policy or program that has been approved and determined to be in the best overall interests of the City by at least four affirmative votes of the City Council. Notwithstanding any provisions of this Charter to the contrary, the City may employ a design-build process for the construction, reconstruction or repair of public works. A “design-build process” shall mean a process in which the design and construction of a project are procured from a single entity. Prior to employing the design-build process, the City shall establish, by ordinance, specific procedures and standards to be used to solicit, qualify, evaluate and select design-build proposals by competitive bid or negotiation process.

Sec. 2.56.070 Contracts exceeding $100,000 – Formal competitive bid procedure and city council approval required.

A. In General. All supplies, equipment, and services, when the estimated cost thereof shall exceed $100,000, shall be awarded by the city council to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder submitting the best bid in accordance with the competitive bidding process set forth in CVMC 2.56.080.

B. Exceptions. The following purchases contain exceptions to the standard competitive bidding requirements:

1. Public Works. Contracts for those public works, materials and services that are governed by the purchasing requirements of Section 1009 of the Charter.

2. Professional Services. Contracts for certain professional services that are governed by CVMC 2.56.110.

3. City Council Waiver. Contracts for which it is determined by resolution of the city council that the competitive bidding requirements as applied to that contract are impractical, impossible or that city interests would be materially better served by applying a different purchasing procedure approved by the purchasing agent as being consistent with good purchasing practices.

4. Single/Sole Source. A commodity or service available from only one known source as the result of unique performance capabilities, manufacturing processes, compatibility requirements or market conditions.

5. Emergency. Emergency purchases which shall be governed by CVMC 2.56.100. (Ord. 2899 § 1, 2003; Ord. 2766 § 1, 1998).

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