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City Of Fresno Charter Information



Every contract involving an expenditure of City moneys of more than the amount set forth in Section 1208(a) of the Charter for materials, supplies, equipment or for any public work of improvement shall meet the competitive bidding requirements set forth in said Charter Section.


The term “competitive bidding” as used in this Chapter is the term used in the title of Section 1208 of the Charter. Whenever the term “advertised bidding” is used in this Chapter it shall mean the same as competitive bidding.


Every person to whom a contract is awarded involving an expenditure in an amount subject to competitive bidding for the improvement, erection, or construction of any building, road, bridge, or other structure, excavating, or any mechanical work for the city, shall, before entering upon the performance of the work, file with the City Clerk a good and sufficient corporate surety bond for labor and materials in accordance with the provisions of the general law set forth in Civil Code Sections 3247 to 3252, as amended. Every such person shall also file a good and sufficient corporate surety bond in a similar amount conditioned upon faithful performance of the contract, prior to entering upon performance of the work. Nothing herein contained shall be deemed to preclude the requiring of such bonds on any contract involving a lesser expenditure or other work.

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