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City Of Hayward Charter Information

The Council by ordinance shall establish requirements and procedures for competitive bidding upon and award of contracts for
public works. The ordinance may provide that all bids may be rejected and that under specified conditions advertising and bidding
may be dispensed with.


SEC. 2-8.01 NEW CONSTRUCTION OVER $35,000. Public works projects for new construction, involving an expenditure of City monies of more than $35,000 for new work, consisting of construction or improvement of public buildings, works, drains, sewers, utilities, parks, public plazas, playgrounds, streets, and airport taxiways, ramps, and runways shall be subject to competitive bidding as provided for in Sections 2-8.03 to 2-8.07. An improvement shall be defined as work that results primarily in adding space or capacity to an existing facility or work that results in extending the useful life of an existing facility. Notwithstanding the above, the Council may, without advertising for bids, provide for the work to be procured in the open market if it deems it more beneficial or economical to do so.

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