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City Of Indian Wells Charter Information


Section 200. Public Works. The City shall have the power to establish standards, procedures, rules or regulations to regulate all aspects of the bidding, award and performance of any public works contract, including, but not limited to, the compensation rates to be paid for the performance of such work. 

Municipal Code

3.34.010 Purchasing procedures.

The purchasing procedures of the City of Indian Wells are those set forth in the Fiscal Policies and Procedures Manual on file with the CIty Clerk and the Finance Director/Agency Treasurer, as amended by resolution of the City Council from time to time. (Ord. 599 § 2, 2007)

Fiscal Policies and Procedures Manual

Purchasing Categories

The City classifies purchases into seven (7) purchasing categories. These categories are based on the dollar amount and type of purchase. Each category establishes a separate purchasing limit, authorization level and procedure. 

E.  Minor Construction Contracts ($25,001 to $100,000)

Construction Contracts greater than $25,000 but less than $100,000 may be awarded by informal bidding or negotiation. City Council approval is required on all construction contracts over $25,000.

F.  Major Construction Contracts ($100,000 or more)

Construction contracts for $100,000 or more must be awarded by formal bidding, request for proposals, or negotiation. All negotiations for purchases of goods or services over $100,000 will require City Council direction and approval.