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City Of Lindsay Charter Information

Section 8.ll Purchasing and Contracting

A. By Ordinance. The Council by ordinance shall provide for a purchasing and contracting system assuring a maximum of competition for the lowest price consistent with a stated level of quality.

B. The Basic System. The Purchasing and Contracting Ordinance shall provide for and comply with all provisions of this Section and of this Charter, but not be limited to;

1. Control of the system by the City Manager, who shall be empowered to make purchases and to award contracts for amounts of $25,000 or less, annually adjusted in amount as set-out herein;

2. Delegation of responsibility by the City Manager to any appointed subordinate;

3. A requirement that should contracts or purchases in amount of $25;000 or less be awarded to anyone vendor or contractor cumulatively totaling $75,000 in any three year period then, in that event, the competitive process set-but herein shall be followed prior to the award of subsequent contracts to such vendor or contractor, should such process otherwise be required;

4. An informal bid solicitation process for purchases and contracts in amount between $25,001 and $74,999, which amounts shall be adjusted annually in amount as set out herein;

5.The acquisition of the services of professional service providers in such a manner that specialized abilities and knowledge shall be considered in addition to quality and price and, if appropriate as determined by the City Manager, without the competitive processes set out herein;

6. Additional procedures and requirements to fulfill the provisions of this Section and this Charter; and,

7.Such other matters as shall be determined to be required by the City Council.

C. Award of Contracts and Purchases. Award of Contracts and Purchases. Award of contracts and purchases shall be made to the lowest responsible bidder .or vendor meeting specifications, except as provided herein and in the Purchasing and Contracting ordinance.

D. Sealed Competitive Bids. Sealed bids for competitive purchases involving the expenditure of $75,000 or more shall be secured, but this amount and all dollar amounts set out in this Section shall be revised by the Council annually as part of the annual budget by a revision factor determined by utilizing published reliable indicators or indices of price changes.

E. Waiver Of Bids. Waiver of competitive bidding for purchase of non-competitive items and contracting for services is permitted in emergencies, for copyrighted and patented items and services, and for professional or specialized services for which a written finding is filed with the City Clerk regarding the reason for such non-competitive, emergency or sole source acquisition.

F. Prohibitions. Splitting contracts or purchases to avoid dollar limits is prohibited.

G. Rejections. The City Council may reject any and all bids for any good or service

H. Bid Bonds. A bid bond or cashiers check shall be required for all sealed bids.

I. Public Notification. The City Manager shall cause full public notification of all calls for sealed bids by providing ten days notice through publications appropriate to the subject of the call for bids.

J. Public Works Determination. The purchasing and Contracting Ordinance shall set out a procedure for determination of which plic workubs or improvement projects are to be performed by City forces and which re to be let to contract.

K. Bidding and Wages. The City Council flay by ordinance or resolution adopt prevailing wage, geographic boundaries and other guidelines and restrictions, including local bidding preference, governing public works and other City contracts.


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