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City Of Oakland Charter Information

Charter Section 808. Bids and Awards.

The Council shall establish by ordinance the conditions and procedures for any purchase or contract, including advertising and bidding requirements, and may provide that all bids may be rejected. The ordinance may provide that under specified conditions, which the Council must find and determine exist in each applicable instance, advertising and bidding may be dispensed with.

Every two years, the City shall conduct a race and gender disparity evaluation to determine if the City has been an active or passive participant in actual, identifiable discrimination within its relevant market place. If such disparity evaluation evidences such discrimination, the City Council, in order to remedy the discrimination, shall establish a narrowly tailored race and/or gender business participation program, as substantiated by the disparity evaluation, for the bidding and awarding of purchases and contracts. Any such program shall continue only until the discrimination has been remedied. The City Administrator or an officer authorized by him or her shall require all awardees and bidders to comply with the established program.