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City Of Santa Barbara Charter Information

Section 519.

Contracts on Public Works. Except as herein provided, every project for the construction or improvement (excluding maintenance and repair) of public buildings, works, streets, drains, sewers, utilities, parks, playgrounds, Harbor facilities and Airport facilities, and each separate purchase of materials or supplies for the same shall be let to the lowest responsible bidder after notice by publication in a newspaper of general circulation by two (2) or more insertions, the first of which shall be at least ten (10) days before opening bids. The City Council may reject any and all bids presented and may readvertise at its discretion. In the interest of efficiency and fiscal economy, the City may dispense with public bidding if it makes either or both of the following findings:

(1) The project can be performed more efficiently and more economically by City employees or by City employees working in conjunction with private contractors or subcontractors;

(2) The materials, supplies or services can be purchased at a lower price in the open market. In the event that the City Council makes the appropriate finding or findings, it may cause the project to be performed pursuant to subsection (1) above and/or the materials, supplies or services purchased pursuant to subsection (2) above. Such contracts may be let and such purchases made without the aforementioned findings being made if such work or the purchase of such materials, supplies or services shall be deemed by the City Council to be of urgent necessity for the preservation of life, health or property, and shall be authorized by the affirmative votes of at least two-thirds (2/3) of the total members of the City Council.Projects for the extension, replacement or expansion of the transmission or distribution system of the Water Department operated by the City may be excepted from the requirements of this section by the affirmative vote of a majority of the total members of the City Council. (Approved by election held March 8, 1977.)

Municipal Code
Section 4.52.160 Public Works Contracts

A. COMPLIANCE WITH THE CHARTER. Bidding and advertising and award of contracts for public works, excluding maintenance and repair, shall be as required by Section 519 of the City Charter.


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