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City Of Tulare Charter Information


Section 46. (As amended November 5, 1996; November 2, 2004)All public buildings and work, when the expenditure therefor shall exceed the sum of $15,000.00, shall be done by contract, and shall be let to the lowest responsible bidder, after advertising one (1) time in a daily newspaper of general circulation published in the City, for sealed proposals for the work contemplated. Provided, that the Council may reject any and all bids, if deemed excessive, and re-advertise for bids to provide for the work to be done by the Department of Public Works.

All contracts shall be approved as to form by the City Attorney, and shall be signed by the Mayor, and attested to by the City Clerk.

No contract is valid, except in the case where the work to be done is to be paid for by special assessment, unless the Finance Director shall endorse thereon his/her certificate that there remains an unexpended balance of an appropriation or proceeds of a bond issue applicable thereto.


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