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Section 10. Contracts: In the erection, improvement, and repairing of all public buildings and works, in all street and sewer work, the installation of pipes, fire hydrants, wells, pumping plants, conduits, electric transmission lines, sub-stations, power plants; gas mains and generators, improvements and development of parks and playgrounds, and works for protection against overflow, and in furnishing any supplies, or materials for the same, when the expenditures required for the same shall exceed the amount specifically set by the State of California, from time to time covering the requirement of formal bids, the same shall be done by contract, and shall be let to the lowest responsible bidder, after notice by publication in the official newspaper by one or more insertions, the first of which shall be at least seven days before the time for opening bids; provided, that the Council may reject any and all bids presented and may re-advertise in their discretion; and provided further, that after rejecting bids, or if no bids are received, the Council may declare and determine that in its opinion the work in question may be performed better or more economically by day labor, or the materials or supplies purchased at a lower price in the open market and after the adoption of a resolution to this effect by a four-fifths vote, they may proceed to have the said work done or materials or supplies purchased without further observance of the foregoing provisions of this section; provided further, that nothing in this section shall require the care, repair or maintenance of streets or public utilities to let by contract.

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