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2.36.080 Informal bid procedure.

All purchases and contracts involving amounts between twenty-five thousand one dollars ($25,001.00) and seventy-four thousand nine hundred ninety-nine dollars ($74,999.00) shall be purchased and contracted for only under the procedures set out in this section.
A. Award of all contracts and purchases made pursuant to the procedures of this section shall be made to the lowest responsible bidder or vendor meeting specifications, except as specifically otherwise authorized in-this chapter.
B. Written quotations shall be secured in all cases from at least three prospective and qualified vendors or contractors, and such quotations shall be made a part of the file of each purchase made or contract awarded under this section. Such file shall be maintained for three years after award of the contract or· purchase order.
(Ord. 530A § 1 (part), 1998)

2.36.090 Formal bid procedure.
The procedure set out in this section shall be utilized for all purchases or contracts involving amounts of seventy-five thousand dollars ($75,000.00) or more.
A. Award of all contracts and purchases made pursuant to the procedures of this section shall be made to the lowest responsible bidder meeting specifications, except as specifically otherwise authorized by this chapter.
B. Written specifications and plans, if appropriate, shall be prepared for all purchases proposed to be made and contracts proposed to be awarded under this section. Such specifications and plans, together with the deadline for and place to file sealed bids with the city, and other requirements, shall be circulated to publications appropriate to the subject of the call for bids, posted at City Hall, and advertised in a legally adjudicated newspaper in geographic areas appropriate to reaching prospective bidders.
C. Such notices and advertisements shall be designed to cause full public notification of all calls for sealed bids by providing at least ten days written notice to prospective bidders prior to the proposed deadline for the receipt of sealed bids.
D. Sealed bids shall be accompanied by a bid bond or cashiers check in amount set forth by the city administrator, and failure to include such bid bond or cashiers check with any bid shall be disqualifying.
E. Sealed bids shall be received and opened by the city official designated by the bid call, at the place an time specified in said bid call.
F. A written analysis shall be made of all sealed bids received under the procedures of this section, and shall contain information relative to all bidders, including a recommendation by the affected department head and the city administrator as to which bidder is recommended to be the lowest responsible bidder.
G. The city council shall award, or may reject, all purchases or contracts developed under the procedures of this section and proposed to be awarded pursuant to this section.
H. All bid calls shall contain a statement that the city council may reject any and all bids for any goods or service, and may cancel any call for bids at any time in the process.

I. At the option of the city administrator an alternate purchasing and contracting procedure may be followed for any specific purchase or construction contract bid process, which procedure would follow California Government Code Sections 54205, or appropriate Public Contract Code provisions. The use of such alternate procedure shall be solely discretionary to the city council or city administrator, and generally will not be followed, merely being an optional procedure which might be utilized, if desired.

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