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Promoting Transparency Through Public Agency Compliance

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Ensure bidding compliance and a level playing field

CIFAC’s focus is on local government agencies of all types and certain state agencies that undertake public works construction. Too often, these entities are tempted to keep new construction projects in-house and use their staff to perform the work. California law contains force account limits and bidding thresholds. If project costs exceed the limits, the work must be bid. There is no State agency that monitors these requirements resulting in the formation of CIFAC in 1977. CIFAC is a non-profit enforcement association of concerned contractors organizations, contractors and various trade organizations whose members want an opportunity to bid. CIFAC’s expertise on the Public Contract Code also allows us to serve as a resource to both contractors and local agencies.

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To see the CIFAC Compliance Manager that covers your region and will investigate your project, please referrer to the Territory Map. If you are not contacted within 1-2 business day, please phone our main office at 1-800-755-3354.

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