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  1. Download the KwikCompli App to your Phone or Tablet
  2. Upload a Project Picture from your Photo Gallery
  3. Then fill-in the details & submit

You Will Remain Anonymous When We Investigate!

The KwikCompli Public Agency Construction Compliance App is FREE and was specifically developed for the California construction industry to provide a fast and free way to report possible public agency violations to the Regional Compliance Managers at CIFAC to investigate. It is an easy three-step process, downloading the app is the first step. Next you will take a project site picture or upload a project picture from your photo gallery, fill-in the details and submit. You will remain anonymous when we investigate but you can opt to stay informed throughout the process. So if you see a California public agency crews performing new construction work or notice a contractor on a public agency construction project that may not have been bid, then the KwikCompli app is the solution!