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Improve bidding conditions

The California Uniform (Public) Construction Cost Accounting Act is a state act that any public agency may elect to participate in. It raises the force account limit of a public agency to $60,000 before they must informally or formally competitively bid projects. Informal bidding is only allowed on projects under $200,000. In exchange, the public agency must follow certain accounting rules. The regulations also require strict advertising guidelines on all projects. An agency can elect to become signatory to CUCCAA by passing a resolution and by adopting an informal bidding ordinance. They then must file this with the State Controller’s Office.

Due diligence and contractor vetting

Both of the links below are to the CSLB or Contractor’s State License Board webpage. When public agencies prepare bid packages, they must identify the classification of contractors license required to perform the work. Upon receipt of bids or proposals, the agency must perform their due diligence and vet the bidders to ensure that they hold the appropriate license, as specified in the bidding documents.

Public works compliance and requirements

Public agencies that award contracts for qualifying public works construction and maintenance projects must follow strict requirements. From pre-construction to post- construction, the Labor Commissioner’s Office monitors and enforces compliance with public works law and works with district attorneys’ offices around the state to prosecute violations.
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