Construction Industry Force Account Council

Promoting Transparency Through Public Agency Compliance

Regional Compliance Manager – Job Description

TITLE: Regional Compliance Manager

REPORTS TO: Michelle Tucker, Executive Director

CLASSIFICATION: Exempt, at-will

SUMMARY: CIFAC is a 501 (c) 6 organization formed to support the public works construction industry in their effort to retain and create job opportunities through competitive bidding. As an extension of our members, CIFAC provides an administrative function for our members who have a collective need to preserve and enhance job opportunities.  The Regional Compliance Manager (RCM) works collaboratively with the Executive Director (ED), other CIFAC staff and private/public agencies to ensure State and local governments’ compliance with the Public Contract Code (PCC).


General Duties:

  • Build and maintain a network of public works construction industry participants within a specified territory
  • Review public agency agendas and define other sources that provide leads for investigations
  • Assist CIFAC members and clients by providing support, information, and educational materials
  • Build local support for CIFAC legislation
  • Contribute timely information for articles for CIFAC’s website, Facebook site, and newsletter based on activities in the assigned designated region
  • Attend CIFAC meetings as required
  • Submit activity “recap” reports by designated due dates
  • Submit expense and credit card reports and receipts by designated due dates
  • Submit timesheets by designated due dates
  • Maintain daily telephone logs by the designated due dates
  • Assist in investigations and research for legislative and litigation matters
  • Perform other duties and responsibilities as requested with a sense of humor and team spirit
  • Work long hours, evenings and weekends as needed, and travel, if needed to achieve program goals
  • Be accessible by phone, email or text messages when working

Essential Duties:

  • Become knowledgeable about the California Public Contract Code, force account laws and definitions
  • Be a resource for CIFAC members on force account and public contracting questions and related issues
  • Conduct initial investigations of potential violations of force account laws and the CA Public Contract Code by telephone, on-site, through research, interviews, photography and follow-up reports
  • Monitor and investigate cities, counties, special districts, joint powers agencies and Caltrans for force account and public bidding matters
  • Work and communicate effectively with a diverse group of people and agencies
  • Make sound independent decisions based on analysis, experience and judgment
  • Serve as contact and liaison with cities, counties, special districts, joint powers agencies, Caltrans, contractors and union officials within assigned designated region
  • Establish and maintain contacts with key contractors, contractor organizations, labor union representatives, public policy officials and interested citizens to create a CIFAC support network within assigned designated region
  • Work with problem jurisdictions to persuade them to amend their public policies to show a preference for competitive bidding for all appropriate projects
  • Conduct outreach activities by making presentations to cities, special districts, joint powers agencies and other interested community organizations
  • Under direction, assist with media campaigns and serve as a spokesperson for CIFAC with the news media
  • Simplify and explain the principles of the California Public Contract Code, Force Account Laws, and CIFAC principles and project goals/objectives to technical and non-technical audiences
  • Work effectively under pressure and be able to meet deadlines
  • Ability to travel related to investigations, networking, meetings and/or training that may require overnight stays.
  • Must be able to lift a minimum of 35 lbs., stoop, crawl, bend, push, pull and walk on uneven terrain/slippery conditions under varying weather conditions and/or at remote locations


  • Coordinate multiple projects with several variables, meeting realistic deadlines and managing timeframes
  • Interpret guidelines, evaluate information, and modify investigations to adapt to changing circumstances
  • Work with ED and/or RCM to develop plans for resolving complex and unusual problems
  • Resolve routine issues independently
  • Work to cultivate and develop creative ideas to improve CIFAC strategies and operations
  • Identify and share with coworkers, lessons learned, best practices and methods, tools, consistencies and inconsistencies across construction plans or bid documents


  • 3 – 5 years’ experience in the construction industry, government or related fields
  • High school diploma or equivalent, some college preferred
  • Some knowledge of public works and competitive bidding preferred
  • Demonstrated experience communicating effectively with the public and/or media
  • Ability and willingness to communicate and work closely with the Executive Director
  • Excellent organizational skills (oral and written) and the ability to record details, multi-tasking and working under pressure
  • Ability to complete tasks independently with respect to timeline(s).
  • Must have experience and be skilled in the use of Microsoft Office/Apple software programs such as Outlook, MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Safari, etc.
  • Must have and maintain a home office within the designated region for which you are hired
  • Must have and maintain the following: reliable transportation, a valid California Class C Driver’s License, auto insurance and a good driving record
  • Must pass a pre-employment substance test

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